This page contains information about the Leonberger breed and the Surf & Sand Leonberger Club of Southern California.

About Leonbergers

From the AKC website:

“The Leonberger is a calm, non-aggressive, large, muscular, working dog with a proud head carriage. He is distinguished by his balanced build, black mask, and double coat. Adult males, in particular, are powerful and strong and carry a lion-like mane on the neck and chest. A dog or bitch is easily discernable (sic) as such. For its size, the Leonberger is light on its feet and graceful in motion. Because natural appearance is essential to breed type, the Leonberger is to be shown with no trimming, sculpting or other alterations of the coat.

“True to his original purpose as a family, farm and draft dog, today’s Leonberger excels as a multi-purpose working dog; the most important task being a reliable family companion. The Leonberger is vigilant, obedient and quietly confident in all situations. He exudes good-natured watchfulness, depicting intelligence and vigor.”

About Surf & Sand

The Surf & Sand Leonberger Club of Southern California is a non-profit organization that was started to benefit communal education of the Leonberger breed and to further the breed’s reputation.

The club’s objectives are as follows:

  • To encourage, promote and organize activities involving purebred Leonbergers in the region.
  • To foster education regarding the Leonberger breed and responsible dog ownership.
  • To promote, uphold and comply with the objectives and policies of the Leonberger Club of America (LCA), written or otherwise.
  • To encourage sportsmanlike competition at shows, obedience trials and other events.

Members enjoy support from the collective experience of many individuals who have been in the Leonberger community for many years. The group as a whole is friendly, fun, and, of course, completely in love with Leonbergers!