Club Constitution

ARTICLE I: Name & Objectives

Section A: Name & Region defined

  • The name of the Club shall be Surf & Sand Leonberger Club.
  • The Club’s region will include the following counties in Southern California: Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego Counties.

Section B: The Club’s Objectives

  • To encourage, promote and organize activities involving purebred Leonbergers in the region.
  • To foster education regarding the Leonberger breed and responsible dog ownership.
  • To promote, uphold and comply with the objectives and policies of the Leonberger Club of America (LCA), written or otherwise.
  • To encourage sportsmanlike competition at shows, obedience trials and other events.

Section C: Non-Profit Status

The Club shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profits or remainder of residue from dues, fees or donations to the Club shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual. Nor shall the Club endorse any privately produced activity, product or publication.

Section D: Voting and Associate Membership

  • Voting Membership shall be limited to SLLC members residing within the Club’s defined region, who are in good standing. Club Officers must reside within the defined geographic region as well.
  • Associate Membership shall not be limited solely to persons living within the geographic boundaries, but is open to any member in good standing of the LCA or the official Leonberger Club for the country to which the member resides.

Section E: By-laws

  • The members of the Club shall adopt and may from time to time revise such By-laws as may be required to carry out these objectives and applicable laws.
  • No part of this Club’s constitution and/or by-laws shall be construed in a manner which conflicts with the rules or policies of the LCA.

Section F: LCA Affiliation and Funds

  • The Club shall be operated in affiliation with the LCA. However the Club shall hold the LCA harmless for all acts of the LCA, its members, volunteers, officers or Board of Directions, whether those acts are intentional or unintentional.
  • This Club shall be responsible for raising funds necessary to achieve its purposes and shall not seek or accept funds from the LCA, unless in conjunction with an LCA –sponsored event.

Submitted to LCA Board of Directors for approval January 14, 2015
Territorial Addition approved by LCA Board of Directors August, 2015 (motion 0054-2015)